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King Enkil of Kemet (now Egypt) circa 5,000 BCE

Enkil was the King, who ruled with Akasha. He was the first person she made into a vampire. Together they are later referred to as "Those Who Must Be Kept" and are motionless as statues. Marius eventually has the task of keeping them, and it is while in his keeping that Akasha destroys Enkil and consumes his blood as she no longer needs him and feels imprisoned and dead around him. With Enkil's powers added to her own she becomes the single ancestor of the vampiric race.

In the book The Vampire Lestat it is specifically spelled out that Enkil and Akasha were made into vampires at the same time by a demonic infusion but it is later explained in Queen of the Damned that Akasha made Enkil into a vampire, after she was first made by demonic infusion, in order to save him from the wounds inflicted upon him by citizens of Kemet. At numerous points in the canonical history of Rice's books, Enkil rises from his throne to defend Akasha from being drained of her powerful blood. Marius rescues Lestat from being destroyed by Enkil after Enkil rises and hits him away while he is drinking from Akasha, despite (or possibly because of) the fact that Akasha appears to have summoned Lestat to her. We see, then, that Enkil is not merely Akasha's guardian and consort, but that he maintains his own will and emotions, including jealousy.

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