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'La beauté est comme une fleur et la beauté sans vertu est comme une fleur sans parfum'

( Beauty is like a flower and Beauty without virtue is like flower without perfume)


Back then I was chasing dragonflies, climbing up trees looking for fighting spiders, at times picking up stray dogs and cats and nursing them to health  -  I can never survive without having pets in my life.

In my younger years, I bred labradors. I also had several mini-dachshunds, a yorkshire terrier, a mini-pin and my local dogs, I was obsessed with my labradors, wanting to have all the colours, varieties and shades, driving my parents to the roof but sooner they saw what I saw in my pets and they just let me be that I have to ask. I kept most of my litters and gave  away some to relatives and friends visiting them as often as I can – I feel like I’m responsible for them and up to this day I miss my dogs.

It was clear that in college I will be an animal doctor and so I did, I receive my degree at The Universtity of the Philippines 2004 and pass the board that same year.

Presently I am enjoying my life in Hong Kong with my one eyed dog named Captain Jack. Here I met my first exotic, Jumanji in a boring 2009 Spring through my housemate Cherry's clinic. She called me and asked me if I wanted to adopt my soon to be named jumanji. She needed an eye surgery but the owners decided to save the eye of the better looking exotic. I never blinked an eye when I said, YES I want her. And so my obsession with Exotics begun. Oreo my brown tabby and white exotic boy we saw in Mong Kok - he was such a small kitten with big eyes, but his nose was a bit off. knowing myself, I wanted him because I know no one will take him and he went home with us on a litter box (ARM and Hammer). My two first exotics are not CFA registered they are just pets but they are very dear to me.




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