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'La beauté est comme une fleur et la beauté sans vertu est comme une fleur sans parfum'

( Beauty is like a flower and Beauty without virtue is like flower without perfume)


Back then I was chasing dragonflies, climbing up trees looking for fighting spiders, at times picking up stray dogs and cats and nursing them to health  -  I can never survive without having pets in my life.

In my younger years, I bred labradors. I also had several mini-dachshunds, a yorkshire terrier, a mini-pin and my local dogs, I was obsessed with my labradors, wanting to have all the colours, varieties and shades, driving my parents to the roof but sooner they saw what I saw in my pets and they just let me be that I have to ask. I kept most of my litters and gave  away some to relatives and friends visiting them as often as I can – I feel like I’m responsible for them and up to this day I miss my dogs.

It was clear that in college I will be an animal doctor and so I did, I receive my degree at The Universtity of the Philippines 2004 and pass the board that same year.

Presently I am enjoying my life in Hong Kong with my one eyed dog named Captain Jack. Here I met my first exotic, Jumanji in a boring 2009 Spring through my housemate Cherry's clinic. She called me and asked me if I wanted to adopt my soon to be named jumanji. She needed an eye surgery but the owners decided to save the eye of the better looking exotic. I never blinked an eye when I said, YES I want her. And so my obsession with Exotics begun. Oreo my brown tabby and white exotic boy we saw in Mong Kok - he was such a small kitten with big eyes, but his nose was a bit off. knowing myself, I wanted him because I know no one will take him and he went home with us on a litter box (ARM and Hammer). My two first exotics are not CFA registered they are just pets but they are very dear to me.




Lok Grace Akasha is my first CFA registered exotic. Together with Eden Lover Bouba, (my birthday present ) we attended our very first CFA show - that was July 2009 and they were both champions after that. As newbies we were dead early that day. We saw a white copper eyed exotic (a champion who needed just a few points to grand before he was castrated) he was massive and too real to be true - looking at my two cats they look like kittens in comparison. We wanted to go home because we were very intimidated. A year later we were given a chance to own him and show him in premiership. Our very own PR Laisee Dream of Suki's Copy aka COPY.

Fluffy persians are nice to look at but never did it cross my mind that I will show or even own one until Alex of Bedazelle asked me to show Chastelle's California Poppy our very first Grand Champion and a one show grand at that. And then came Cleokat Bohemian Rhapsody a tortie with the deepest copper eyes I have laid upon a purr machine and a very gentle creature.

Black is always dear to me, so later on Latin Lover Tzigane joined us with her quiet demeanor and coby body blanketed with that black fur with an amazing satin feeling. My black cat obsession was quenched for a while.

Pop eyes with an amazing sweet look made me think of Laisee Ringo-Charlotte Chesnut and Scarlet, when they were first offered to me I couldn’t decide which one to take, they both have amazing big eyes. I ended up taking them both.

Our quest has just begun but so far we are enjoying it for the love of showing and the passion to breed cats which are healthy and with nice and sweet personality. We like to take the breeders who trusted us with their amazing cats: our very first grand (ONE SHOW at that) Juanita and Amanda Hudnall of Chastelle who has been very supportive of our endeavor, our gratitude is non-ending and also Alex of Bedazelle who ask us to show a persian that open our hearts to the breed, Lok-grace , Eden Lover and Latin Lover and Cleokat.

The cat fancy opened new doors for new friendships. In here, we met our dear friends Ming and Resi of Laisee Cats - we will never forget our very first show, Ray and Micky of Excedent Cattery - your friendship are much cherished and appreciated.

                       À tous nos amis Merci et peut-nous être amis pour toujours